The original project aimed to examine curriculum documents from participating universities detailing educational activities that deal with responses to vulnerability and adults. There was to be an attendant consideration of social policy, legislation, social welfare/social work responses towards adults defined as ‘vulnerable’ in participating countries, and a consideration of definitions of vulnerability, and the process of becoming or making people vulnerable.

Information was collected by each country partner and forwarded to the UK partners. Following this, a preliminary thematic analysis was undertaken in the UK and similarities and differences identified. The preliminary analysis was returned to participating countries for comments and revisions before being returned to the UK partners, after which a secondary analysis was completed, and shared again prior to submission.

This project contributes to our shared understanding of global responses to issues of vulnerability, development of appropriate curricula and critique of concepts. Participants were able to share and learn from different approaches and extend their knowledge base and curricula; thus the project makes a direct contribution to curriculum development, content and delivery. The project will provide opportunities for developing shared curricula that deal with global issues within local settings for the social work academy internationally and thereby potentially enhances cross cultural understanding in respect of social welfare issues.

As well as the project reports and curriculum developments, outcomes will also include the preparation and submission for publication of at least two international peer reviewed papers of shared authorship, thus disseminating the results more widely and sustainably and was expected to result in a conference/seminar (to be held in Bournemouth, summer 2011) to share findings more widely.