Projektleitung: Monika Vyslouzil

Laufzeit: Mai 2010 - April 2011

KooperationspartnerInnen: University of Ljubljana (coordinator), Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje, University of Prishtina

Finanzierung: ASO

Projektmitarbeiterinnen: Gertraud Pantucek, Maria Maiss


Research questions

  • What are some of the important new social identities within the countries involved in the research and how are they defined in regard to the normative identity formations in the particular contexts?
  • What are the normative forms of social exclusion and stigma related to particular social identities in each particular countries and which are those that could be found in more than one of them?
  • What are the ways of developing the affirmative identities, what are the empowerment policies and inclusionary practices that are going to affect social cohesion?



  • strengthening research cooperation and knowledge exchange in the region
  • collecting valuable research material and analysis of social identities in the region
  • mutual learning and best-practice exchange
  • fostering EU integration by knowledge exchange and identifying key issues to be addressed